Festival Of Lights - A Fundraising Event

Enjoy Explore India is offering this community-building festival as a fundraising event to schools and community organizations. We will give 30% of the proceeds from the day of the festival to the host organization.




Our dream is to take this exceptional community event, designed to promote diversity and inclusion, to communities across the country and around the world!


For more information on how you can bring this festival to your school, community fairs, or other fundraising events please contact us at 732-645-2274.

Festival Of Lights - Activities

The festival includes many hands-on activities like Henna, Cooking, Sari Draping, Rangoli, and other arts and crafts  demonstrations, Traditional Storytelling and Games, Music and Dance, and more! We also set up a Photo Booth where guests have the opportunity to wear hats and other accessories from around the world and capture the fun moments on their cameras. We make mixing and matching of cultures easy! Guests can also participate in a pageant, join us for a parade of nations and take part in a unique lighting ceremony.


We will conduct a theme-related art and writing competition and a public speaking contest designed to encourage youth and adults to share their ideas on a topic mutually agreed upon by the host organization and Enjoy Explore India. Winners will be awarded prizes by Enjoy Explore India.


We are sure that the magical moments we create will bring people back to your festival every year! So invite Enjoy Explore India to create a dazzling and unforgettable experience in your school or community event.




Arts And Crafts Bazaar

We will create a unique arts and crafts bazaar filled with exquisite gifts that promote folk arts and support local artists. The cultural education products we bring to your school will make the show an educational experience for all and help your guests connect with arts and crafts from around the world. We can also help expand the bazaar by inviting other artists, crafters, and vendors to participate in the show.

First Days Project


In partnership with South Asian American Digital Archives (SAADA) we will train Middle School and High School students to conduct oral history interviews to capture the reflections of immigrants, young and old, on how they felt during their first days in the United States of America. These stories will be uploaded to the SAADA website and archived for posterity in the national archives. Due to the popularity of the first days project SAADA is collecting stories of all immigrants without regard to the country they have come from to the United States.


Contact us at 732-645-2274 to arrange a First Days Project

Create-Connect-Come Together

We will organize creative arts workshops for teachers and parents to create large rangolis (traditional floor decorations) that will be displayed at the Festival of Lights. This artistic endeavor will give people the opportunity to create, connect and come together as a team to send a beautiful and enduring message of team spirit, love and friendship. EEI conducted three Create-Connect-Come Together workshop and the mega-rangoli created by the seniors and other community members was displayed at the 2016 Festival of Lights events in New Jersey.

Contact us at 732-645-2274 to arrange this program for your group.

Internship Program

Enjoy Explore India will offer a 10-week internship program to train High School students in event planning and project management. This training will include marketing and communications, activity planning, fundraising, event logistics, retail and sales, project management and more. This special program is organized separately from the festival itself. This internship can be offered during the school year or as a summer program and will result in the Festival of Lights fundraising event for the school.


For more information on the internship program please call 732-645-2274.

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